“One-Stop Shop for Serial Production of Strong, Light and Beautiful Composites Products”

Core Value 

COBRA prides itself on building Strong, Light and Beautiful products that have excited millions of people around the world, setting the reference point for quality in every market. Building upon over 35 years of composites experience, COBRA has successfully expanded its core value of strong, light and beautiful products also into markets such as Automotive, Marine and Renewable Energy, building parts for leading brands in Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

The big variety of its technologies and products make COBRA a very convenient ‘One Stop Shop’ for many world-class and world renowned customers, many of whom buy their products exclusively from COBRA. Customers are assisted right from the point of idea conceptualization through product development, prototyping and testing leading to an effective consistent high quality mass production.

The dedicated and experienced Development team is continuously working with customers and suppliers to provide flexible, innovative and cost-effective solutions to the market. Even if trying very hard so far no competitor has managed to keep up with COBRA’s pace. This can be vividly seen from its dominant market position not only in well-established sports like windsurfing but also in the new sport of SUP (stand up paddling) where Cobra has taken over 40% World market share of non-inflatable SUP. These development efforts have also brought COBRA into markets like Marine and Automotive, and will enable its penetration in the future to markets like Aviation, Mass-transportation and Infrastructure.