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Cobra International Co., Ltd. is the Worlds leading OEM manufacturer of high-end composite products. Cobra suppliers manufacturing solutions for the  Windsurfing, Surfing, (SUP) Stand Up Paddle, Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, Kayak, Jet-Ski, Motorcycle and Automotive markets. Leveraging its technology and expertise in fiber-reinforced composites, Cobra also manufactures a wide range of products and accessories for other recreational and industrial applications.
The company's focus is providing customers with production solutions to deliver the highest quality products to meet each customers specific needs.





At Cobra, there are three key elements of quality: customer, process and employee.

Everything we do to be a world-class quality company focuses on these three essential elements. Globalization changes the way our customers conduct business. We have to find a better way to exceed their expectations. This is why Quality Management System has become a part of our culture.
We believe that standardized processes and continuous improvement will result in higher product quality and, therefore, improve customer satisfaction. In 2001, Cobra was certified to ISO 9000  and have now upgraded our quality management systems to ISO 9001:2008. We also believe that safe workplace, good environment, and healthy employees are key drivers of good processes and high quality products. Therefore, we implement many key activities and programs to promote the improvement of these key drivers, such as 5s, Kaizen, Quality Control Circle, Safety Control Circle, and so on.
All of these key activities are integrated into the QSHE Program, which is fully supported by CEO and Executive Management Team.


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Cobra believes its success lies in the hands of its employees. Product knowledge and an acute understanding of how it is used by our customer is very important. Participation in recreational activities focusing on the product that Cobra international produces sets us apart from the competition. Cobra supports an employee Windsurfing Club, where employees can participate in Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Kayaking and Stand-up-paddle boarding. On any windy weekend you will regularly see 50 Cobra Staff on the water, and in 2010 we are running an activities weekend where we expect to see at least 400 participants.

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