Key Contacts

Danu Chotikapanich
Chief Executive Officer
Trent Pedersen
Sales and Marketing Manager
Bruce Wylie
Chief Commercial officer


Growing up in a water sports family, Danu enjoyed Windsurfing and Paddling from a young age. Being half Thai half German, he is fluent in Thai, German and English language.
Danu got a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, and then went on to complete a 2 year Masters degree in Production Management from TUHH, Hamburg, Germany.
After coming to the Cobra factory regularlysince a little boy, Danu  finally started working fulltime in 2002 and took on the role of CEO in 2006.





In his free time, he enjoys Kayaking, SUPing, Swimming and Skateboarding with his wife and son.

 Danu_ SUP



Born and raised in New Zealand, Trent's life has been centered around the ocean, he is a qualified sailmaker and enjoys Windsurfing, Kiting, Surfing and Yacht racing. Trent began his work career at 16 as an apprentice sailmaker, he worked for many years in Hawaii and ran various productions in New Zealand going on to set up Asian based productions. He established a successful group of industry related companies. He sold this business interests in 2003 and moved to Thailand and is now excited about helping to build the best composite products in the World. When not working you can find Trent spending time with his family, yacht racing, at the beach or cruising on his skateboard .



From Lake Macquarie,  NSW, Australia.  As a youngster Bruce was always on the water.  Racing dinghies and Sailboards in International Competition from a young age. Bruce went on to win the gold medal at the 1984 Olympic Boardsailing Exhibition.  After racing One Design Sailboards Bruce then spent 15 years competing as a Professional Windsurfer.  In the late 80's Bruce moved from Australia to Hawaii.  Bruce was always highly involved in the development of top-level  equipment and  eventually started  Shaping and Building windsurf boards for many professional Riders and  Brands.  Bruce made the move to Thailand to join Cobra in 2003.  Nowadays when not working Bruce spends his time with his family,  on the golf course or when time permits still gets on the water yacht racing,  SUPing or windsurfing.



Paolo Cecchetti

Operation Development & Product Engineering Manager

Kym Thompson

Surfing Specialist



From Italy Paolo gained a diploma in Surveying and ISEF (Italian Superior Physical Education)
He started windsurfing in 1979 running a windsurfing school in Talamone.
In 1981 Paolo started working with Ellesse as their Windsurfing Team manager, Later becoming the Product Manager and going on to run the Ellesse custom production factory.
Paolo started his own very successful business Drops Windsurfing in 1985.
Thru the knowledge he acquired during his cooperation with the technical team of champion maxi yacht Longobarda, he developed and applied the first sandwich structures to Windsurf board construction.
In 1999 he moved to Slovakia to look after quality control and  the production of Eurosurf. Paolo sold his shares his Company and made the move to Cobra in 2000.




Born in Adelaide, South Australia. The beach was his home and playground from an early age.
In his early teens, he became a state surfing champion and begun to design and build his own surfboards.  As his reputation as a surfer and shaper grew, he was offered a position with one of the most reputable surfboard manufacturing operations in South Australia.
During his early career Kym moved to the Bells Beach area and quickly became a leading surfing identity, a multiple State Champion and a skilled surfboard designer and shaper. Kym opened his own operation in Torquay in 1975 under the Watercooled brand which quickly established a reputation for unprecedented quality standards and was recognized as a benchmark by surfers and manufactures around the globe.Furthering his interest of developing better products and to explore new technologies, Kym joined Cobra International in 1997.  Kym is the key specialist involved in all surfboards at Cobra.




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