Performance Watersports has always been Cobras core focus.

The demands for strong light weight high-performance sports equipment have paved the way for Cobra to be a world leader in high-end composite fabrication.The demand of Watersports highlights the importance of Research & Development. Cobras successes over the last 30 years are testament of our R&D ability and an example of our constant drive for more advanced composite technologies.Cobra are constantly developing new ways to meet our customers product demands while respecting individual uniqueness. The world renowned craftsmanship of our Thai workforce along with our corporate discipline will always be the backbone of Cobra Internationals success as a world leader in performance composite manufacturing.Our belief in providing the best product possible means we build strong relationships with our suppliers and  continuously invest into R&D for new materials, into the improvement of our processes and production facilities as well as into the training and well being of our employees.

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