When Mr. Vorapant Chotikapanich started the business in 1978, it was only the beginning of COBRA’s legacy to the world of watersports. The sandwich-construction windsurf boards produced by COBRA revolutionized the sport of windsurfing, making it more exciting and more accessible to windsurfers of all levels. COBRA’s ability to engineer and produce lighter-weight boards utilizing more durable and  flexible high-tech materials, enabled shapers to create higher performance designs.


Being the roots of COBRA, we take great pride in continuing to lead the way in windsurfing boards. With its many proprietary technologies and skilled work force, it was only natural for COBRA to begin manufacturing surfboards in 1995. By establishing a large-scale board production facility, COBRA standardized manufacturing processes, implemented quality controls, and began developing new and innovative surfboard building techniques. COBRA’s ability to mass produce and export into the world market has allowed for a rapid growth for its OEM customers as well as through its own brands.

In 2009, the new sport of Stand-up-Paddle boarding has exploded onto the watersport scene. It is the latest craze in watersports and is making a splash worldwide whilst existing only a few years it has become one of the most talked about topics in watersports. Once again, COBRA is on the leading edge of board manufacturing by building products and developing new technologies that meet the toughest of demands.