The first focus under COBRA’s Corporate Social Responsibility is product. Through many years of cooperation between COBRA and its strategic suppliers on material development, we have established a culture of “green” throughout the company. It all started from COBRA’s Code of Conduct written in 2007 committing to do business in a socially and globally responsible way starting from standard, clean and safe working environment and ending with eco-friendly product from the production line. In 2009, as the first evidence of committing to “green”, COBRA received the Innovation Awards in Environment & Recycling from JEC on its first ever environmental-friendly surfboard. This project was a joined forced between COBRA and the French technical textile specialist, Porcher Industries, to develop a new environmental-friendly surfboard using high-performance renewable cellulose reinforcements i.e. Greenlite™ from Porcher Industries as an alternative to glass fiber. The Greenlite™ reinforcements that are based on pure cellulose fibers are biodegradable and can be used with bio-based plastic materials for the production of 100% bio-based reinforced plastics with good mechanical properties and low weight using conventional processing equipment. They allow the production of parts with good surface quality. As a result the new COBRA surfboards offer high surface finish, an optimized weight and also good performances¹.