Swiftlet Compact Tactical UAV

21st April 2022

The Swiftlet is a 5.5m wingspan compact tactical UAV developed by the Royal Thai Air Force and National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) as a multi-use platform for a broad range of operations including Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR), Maritime Search and Rescue (Sea-SAR), Intelligence Support Activity (ISA), natural disaster assistance (disaster management), weather monitoring, surveying, 2D/3D mapping, and wildfire mapping.

Cobra combined a CNC machined carbon sandwich internal structure with glass and carbon fibre reinforced PVC foam sandwich skins to keep the composite airframe weight down to an impressive 32 kg.

Strong, light and beautiful composites are at the heart of what COBRA does. This guides the development of new products, catering to markets like Watersports, Marine, Automotive, UAV, Architectural and Luxury Goods.

On top of this, the company’s “One-Stop Shop” philosophy means that customers are offered the most complete range of products and services possible: from design and development, mold making, serial production of composite parts, supporting production capabilities like plastic injection and accessories, as well as world-wide logistics solutions.

Swiftlet Compact Tactical UA Vnew compressed

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