The COBRA group Design & Development center was established in 2015 to be a Design and Engineering partner to the Group. Our team has expertise ranging from product design, industrial design, engineering, raw material testing, prototyping, process design to production launch and technical support.

We position ourselves on building Strong, Light, and Beautiful composites products, something fitting perfectly towards the “Composites Century”. Key elements for us are the concept-to-market process. By having an in-house design & development center, well integrated into the manufacturing shop floor, our team can promptly support our customers’ requirements.

At COBRA, one of our advantages lies in the one-stop-shop business model. Our customers can expect a full range of turnkey services from conceptual design to delivery. We are also committed at the highest level to protect the intellectual property of our customers which is the most important core asset in the product development process. By

investing in a wide range of technologies at the Design & Development center, we ensure the complete one-stop-shop service to shape our customers’ dream.


  • Perform product design and development
  • Perform manufacturing process design
  • Provide tooling support
  • Manage smooth transfer of newly designed manufacturing processes to mass production
  • Perform development of new specific/suitable materials for composite application