Innovation and value have been the driving principles of COBRA’s engineering team. From methodologies to materials, COBRA’s research and development activities are leading-edge, enabling the company to often be an early adopter of innovative technologies. The team continuously experiments with new techniques and technologies in an effort to provide customers with the best available end product. Additionally, COBRA’s engineering team has the capability to perform a range of services for customers, including the design and development of new products or re-engineering production processes.


  • Autoclave prepreg
  • Compression molding
  • RTM, Lite RTM, RIM
  • Infusion
  • Wet layup
  • Sandwich core


  • Thermoforming
  • Decals
  • Design films
  • Screen printing
  • Paint coating
  • Lacquer coating
    - PU systems
    - Epoxy systems
    - Acrylic systems
    - Waterbased systems
  • Surface Polishing
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  • Tooling Engineering
    - CAD Design
    - Tolerance Investigation
    - Certified supplier network
  • Master
    - Glass fiber
    - High density PU and Epoxy
    - Aluminium
  • Lay up molds
    - Glass fiber
    - Prepreg Carbon Fiber
    - Hybrid
    - Aluminium/Steel
  • Jigs
    - Trimming
    - Gluing
    - Sanding
  • Injection mold
    - Single Cavity
    - Multiple Cavity
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