Established initially as an own-brand manufacturer, the company started its production with light-weight windsurf boards.  In 1987, COBRA started to offer OEM, serving the worldwide market for composite watersport equipment, and by 1999 had become the leading manufacturer of windsurf boards with over 50% world market share. During this time, COBRA also expanded its product range to incorporate the significant surfboard and rapidly growing kiteboard markets with the aim to diversify its product line.

In 2005, COBRA entered into the Marine manufacturing business via a joint venture. In 2006, on receiving an initial order from a top-class German Automotive brand, COBRA entered a completely new market as a manufacturer of carbon parts for premium cars. Whilst diversifying its product range into both Automotive and Marine markets, and further into Luxury Accessories and Composite Structures, COBRA has never lost focus on its core business of Watersports. In 2009, stand-up-paddle boards (SUP) were introduced the market, and COBRA immediately took the opportunity to become the world’s leading player in SUP manufacturing.