‘Made by COBRA’ is a marketing campaign recently initiated by COBRA with the aim of raising consumer awareness of COBRA, the top-class board manufacturer, and its highest standard of quality.

The story began a few years ago, when a retail shops asked, "Is this board made by Cobra?". The company knew right away that the market was and still is looking for high quality surfboards and wanted the reassurance that the COBRA name provides. Since then we have been working with our customers, mostly top brands and distributors, to apply the Made by COBRA logo onto as many boards as possible.

In 2015, COBRA made its Made by COBRA logo debut in the Outdoor Retailer trade show, the leading growth vehicle for brands that are interested in progressing and advancing into multiple channels of the outdoor market place.

COBRA has been marketing high quality as well as reliability to top surfboard brands around the world for some time. With this special logo, however, the company wanted to take it a step further and deliver the message directly to the end customer. By doing so, COBRA believes that the end customer becomes more informed about what distinguishes high-quality surfboards from others and comes to appreciate – and therefore demand - what COBRA offers.