COBRA takes an integrated and holistic approach to its product development, referring to the principles of the ‘Cradle-to-Cradle’ approach. This philosophy aims to eliminate waste, with any by-product of the production process being a useful resource for re-use. COBRA is optimising its product development following these principles.

Significant progress has been made through ongoing material development projects between COBRA and key suppliers, with the development of environmentally-conscious products using natural raw materials where possible. COBRA continues to combine its focus on innovation with its design and development capabilities to develop its Green commitment.

  • 2009

Working with French technical textile specialist Porcher Industries, COBRA developed a new environmentally-friendly surfboard using high-performance renewable cellulose reinforcements i.e. Greenlite™ as an alternative to glass fibre. This product and collaboration earned the company a JEC Composites Innovation Award.

  • 2010

COBRA started using the Coco Mat coco-fibre sandwich shell to build natural-looking boards for NSP, each one of which is unique. Coco Mat is extremely low weight with an impressive organic strength. The technology is patented by NSP.

  • 2015

COBRA was proud to launch its bio-based surfboards, which have a 40% bio-based content by weight, achieved by combining bio-based fibres with a 56% bio-based epoxy from Sicomin, and bio-based paint.

IMG 4711 Green Product