The employees at COBRA are the company’s biggest asset. As such, the company recognises the importance of creating and sustaining a ‘happy workplace’, aligned with a campaign launched by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation in 2006. The campaign focuses not only on work-related skills but also the physical and spiritual wellbeing of employees.


  • COBRA is committed to offering and developing employment and career path opportunities for employees with disabilities. As of 2016, 20 employees with disabilities are employed at COBRA.
  • Through activities such as a Sports Day with other local companies and the COBRA Futsal Cup competition, COBRA offers its employees the opportunity to look after their health and stay physically active.
  • COBRA believes it has a social responsibility to give back to the community and it does this through programmes such as an annual blood donation event, through offering educational sponsorship for employees’ children, as well as disadvantaged children in the region, and through organising various humanitarian relief programmes.
  • There are many Buddhist holy days in Thailand, and the company has a long-standing tradition to organise Buddhist events in the factory.