COBRA is proud to state that over the past 10 years it has met its objectives in terms of reduced electricity, gas and water consumption, dust control and waste management. This is an ongoing programme, with new targets set every year.


  • The company encourages its employees to use energy efficiently; which includes small actions such as changing to energy-saving LED lights to larger commitments such as reducing the sizes of machines and pumps to consume less energy.
  • Water is important for COBRA’s manufacturing process, and as well as the focus on consumption reduction, the company also aims to improve the quality of waste water before it is released back into the external water system.
  • Over the past three years, COBRA has been particularly focused on waste management. A brand new 2400sqm waste station was built in 2015 to reduce pollution, create a more organised waste system and create a better environment for employees.
  • The planted areas around the facility are being substantially increased, with the help of the employees